Seriously Swole - Claire Holt's 10 Week Strength and Abs Program

Claire Holt
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Due to popular demand, I've finally sat down and typed out my workout plan to share with everyone. I just finished my senior season as a college basketball player, and these workouts are adapted from my time as a college athlete. I've removed the basketball-specific work and added in more strength work.

This 9-page program is focused on building full-body strength and size, along with developing abs & core strength.

  • 10-week program with two 5-week training blocks
  • There are 3 workouts per week. These are divided into a traditional push day, pull day, and leg day split
  • Ab circuits are built into the beginning of every workout
  • Available as an Excel/Google Sheets file or as a PDF. Track your weights & progress on Google Sheets or print out to keep track by hand

If your goal is to put on muscle, gain strength, and build your core, this is for you.

The program will be sent to your email immediately after your purchase!

Disclaimer - This shit is hard. Please do not try this if you want an easy beginner workout.

Note: I run 16-20 miles per week alongside completing this program, so doing cardio in addition to this program is not a problem.

I want this!

10 week strength training plan in PDF and Google Sheets format.


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